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We as a brand Clean Drive are dedicated to High End Detailing. We pride ourselves in offering our customers with best products & best-in-class services at a competitively low prices. Our young, energetic and genius team's sole purpose is to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction by making you have an easy and quality experience. Our services are not limited,as we also provide other services like car washing, wheel balancing etc. Clean drive unites top most detailing brands in the world to bring the LATEST, USEFUL and COST EFFECTIVE detailing tools and products to India.
From business perspective, car wash generates least revenue and more hard work besides that people also have house help to wash their car on monthly basis. Mass market polishing is done by noobs or not so trained (self taught). Temporary solutions are available with them. So, premium, luxury and big car owners or those who love their cars feel hesitant to get it done with such polishers.


A team of well trained personnel


A team of well trained personnel


A team of well trained personnel


A team of well trained personnel

Our Services

Basic Wash

Washing your car is the first step toward ensuring your investment stays in good shape and retains as much of its original value as possible. The most important part of the actual wash process itself is to remove dirt, road grime and other contaminants that if left sitting on the surface of the vehicle will begin to damage it.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing is the servicing of the interior parts of the car. It involves vacuuming, shampooing and cleaning of the surface of each component like carpets, seats, head liner, door panels, dashboard, AC ducts, handles, parcel tray etc.

Engine Bay Cleaning

An engine that is kept cleaned and conditioned increases the longevity of the rubber and plastic parts. Not to mention, it looks awesome! Pressure blast, de-grease and wash, remove dust, oil, and leaves shine plastic and rubber components.

Head Light Restoration

Headlights can though, be effectively restored like the rest of the vehicle back to a fresh looking, smooth and crystal clear standard. Headlights may become faded due to a number of factors such as harmful uv rays, rainwater, bonded surface contaminants, baked on bug splats and improper cleaning techniques for example.

Paint Correction

Our company is widely appreciated in offering Car Painting Service to the clients. These services are reckoned at the various platforms. These services are accomplished by using premium quality paints .

Minor Denting & Painting

Our workshop also undertaking services for denting and painting. Dent Out was designed by auto body professionals to remove small to medium size dents and dings from your vehicles finish

Why Choose Us

Owned and run by professionals from automotive and information technology industries. Our passion for performance and anything automotive is exactly why we started Clean Drive.



Our Mission

Your Satisfaction Is Our Pride

We endeavor to provide high quality, reliable and consistent customer service to every one of our customers. Our team constantly upgrades our quality management metrics.

Our Vision

Your Satisfaction Is Our Pride

Our main purpose at Clean Drive is to provide high quality auto repairs and superior customer service. Gaining trust and exceeding customers expectations is at the heart of our organization.


Vehicle maintenance is crucial to your car’s long-term performance and quality of operation.


The parts and services offered by Workshop Plus are covered under our warranty plan.


Accurate time slots and delivery times are allotted to each vehicle delivered to us.


Our team attends to emergency breakdown and repairs at any time of the day, and even on weekends and holidays.

“Take care of your car in the garage, and the car will take care of you on the road.”



“Good car denting and repair work. Cheaper and prompt delivery”

- Ram Kumar K -

“"The owner and the head mechanic is very experienced and they do a fantastic job."”

- Ramprasath SS -

“The owner and the head mechanic is very experienced and they do a fantastic job. The quality of parts and oil used by them is good and they also do painting and polishing of cars.”

- Ravi s -

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